The Faroe Islands are eighteen amazing islands altogether, and it is worth the visit because of the beauty. The islands are located in the North and close to the Kalsoy and Bordoy. It is popular because of being home to a forest, an anomaly in the North Atlantic archipelago. Here is everything you need to know about the Kunoy Faroe Islands:

Kunoy Faroe Islands

The island is located in the northeastern part of the Faroe Islands, and it is a tall mountainous island with breathtaking sceneries around the place. You will get to see the amazing nature around this island. It gets super cold and empty during winters, but the summer months are beautiful around this island. You will get an overwhelming feeling living in-between nature.

Reasons to visit Kunoy Faroe Islands:

It is never enough to see and explore as many islands as you can because every other island will have just another surprise for you. Kunoy Faroe Islands is known for its greenery and the view that surrounds the island. Here are few reasons why you should visit Kunoy Faroe Islands:

The forest situated on Kunoy:

Kunoy Faroe Islands

The best thing about Kunoy Faroe Islands is the forest because you can explore so much around the island on foot. A forest is a magical place where you will spot different species of birds and various other things. The trees used to have a hard time growing, but now the entire island is filled with trees, giving it a dramatic look and beauty. There are beautiful bridges, benches, flowers, and various other things that you will get to spot in the forest.

Go hiking on Kunoy:

Kunoy has the highest mountains on the Faroe Islands, and you can go for hikes here. It is recommended that you go along with people for these hikes because the peaks are very high, and going alone can be dangerous. You will see abandoned villages in between and get a fantastic experience during your hike. There is a tragic history to this village, and knowing more about it will interest you. The landscape that you will get to see during the hike is breathtaking and worth it.

Where can you stay in Kunoy Faroe Islands:

Kunoy Faroe Islands

There is no specific place that you will find here, but you will come across various B&Bs if you want to stay there. Another is one place that is recommended by all, which is across the water on Bordoy. The property has been turned into an apartment from a boathouse, and it will give you a unique experience to stay. The Kunoy Faroe Islands are known for the quiet and hiking experiences, and if you are visiting these islands, then be prepared for hiking through nature and exploring everything around the islands on foot. It is an amazing experience to live in nature and spot different plants and animals around. You will also get to experience the rainy season if you go during the season.