Zion National Park in Utah is the most popular destination that usually attracts about 3 million visitors every year. Winters in this park are often mild, wet, and cold ranging from 50-60 degrees. Hence, it could be an ideal option for you to visit if you’re a snow lover. You would also get to experience the solitude and beauty of Zion and some adventurous sports during the winter months.

The best thing about Zion national park is that it offers the best escapes from winter blues, fresh air scenery, and the most exciting outdoor adventures. The section below will discuss the most enjoyable activities that you would love to do in Zion National Park in Winter.

Let’s have a look at these activities.


  • Wildlife Viewing

Zion National Park is the best place for you to catch a glimpse of golden or bald eagles overhead and the wild turkeys, especially during winters. It would allow you for an excellent wildlife viewing experience, featuring smaller mammals and some large animals like Bighorn sheep, deer, and elk. 

Moreover, you won’t see the types of species anywhere else as zion wildlife includes 8 species of fish, 291 bird species, 8 species of mammals, and 44 species of amphibians and reptiles.

  • Hiking In Zion

For an adventurous time, you must go hiking in Zion. The hiking trails like Angels Landing, Weeping Rock, Riverside Walk, and Emerald Pools are primarily open during winters. Hiking could be a lot more enjoyable sport as you may also find the ice and snow accumulation between the trails. 

Also, you could get the experience of canyoneering in which you will also watch beautiful views and landscapes. Most importantly, you should be dressed appropriately in the right gear in winters at Zion national park.

  • Photography

Your wish list must not forget about photography at Zion National park. Since the upper elevations of zion park are dreamscapes, you must be willing to capture them. You may also have a view of the winterscape that is mainly formed by the canyon. The best things you’ll find in the park are Zion’s red rock, mist swirls, waterfall, and snow-capped peaks.

  • Scenic Drive

Zion National Park in Winter

An experience of a scenic drive could be so much fun. For this, you must go on a shuttle bus that would stop at the main sites to provide you with a memorable drive at the trailheads. Moreover, this scenic drive runs about 6.5 miles featuring popular attractions like a zion rock formation and a beautiful canyon view.

  • Snowshoe Or Cross-Country Ski

If you’re willing to go for a great hiking experience, then you should go for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing across zion ponderosa’s forested plateau. Here you’ll also get to watch the most beautiful views and landscape during the winter while hiking.

The Bottom Line

The most appropriate time for you to visit Zion National Park is definitely during winters. The great off-seasons rates, myriad of adventurous and beautiful places to stay could make your trip a lot more enjoyable and memorable. Furthermore, you will also have more incredible options for cabin suites that will offer you the most beautiful winter stay.