Tallinn is known as the most beautiful city in the Baltics, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Visiting Tallinn, Estonia in winter is a worthwhile trip. There are plenty of things that you can explore and do in the city. If you are a winter person, then you will enjoy visiting this place during the winter months.

Here are the fun things that you can do in Tallinn, Estonia in winter

  • Explore the Tallinn Christmas Market: 

Explore the Tallinn Christmas Market:

The Christmas Market started in the year 1997, and ever since then, it takes place from the end of November till the first week of January. The city itself is magnificent, and now that it is a Christmas market that starts during the festive season, it lifts up the vibe of the holiday. Every year the market gets around 200,000 visitors from all over the place for the famous souvenirs, food, delicious drinks, and mulled wine. The city gets really cold during the evenings, and it gives life to the winter times in the region. 

  • Get a view over Tallinn from Kohtuotsa: 

One of the best things that you can do in Tallinn, Estonia in winter is getting a view of the entire city from the Kohtuotsa platform. You get to see the pretty orange roofs of the houses covered with a little bit of snow, and it is known as the most photogenic place in the city. It is totally worth the visit and you get to see the fantastic view from the top. 

  • Go for a day trip to Jägala Waterfall: 

Go for a day trip to Jägala Waterfall

The landscape in Tallinn is flat, so there are not a lot of mountains popping up from the place. You can still head out to some places where there are tiny mountains and spot the Jägala waterfall there which is known as the highest natural waterfall in Estonia. The height of the waterfall is 8 meters, and it will give you a chance to see a breathtaking view. It gets super gorgeous during the winter months because of the ice and the winter sun glistening on it. 

  • Try the delicious Estonian pancakes: 

One of the most delicious things to try in Tallinn, Estonia in winter is pancakes. The Estonian pancakes are absolutely delicious and a must-try during the winter season. Take the side of topics with the pancakes because that will add more taste to the delicious pancakes. 

  • Explore the Balti Jaam Market: 

Explore the Balti Jaam Market

Another famous thing to explore in Tallinn, Estonia in winter is the Balti Jaam Market. It is located near the main station and the Old Town. You will find various kinds of antique shops, second-hand clothing stores, craft beer, souvenirs, coffee shops, and much more. It would be best if you gave a try to the delicious craft beer that the place offers. 

  • Go to the  Ice Rink: 

During the winter season, an ice rink will be formed in the center of the old town. You get to go to the ice rink and enjoy sitting around in the winter months, or you can wander and explore the hockey matches and other events taking place nearby.

  • Enjoy the Tallinn cafes: 

Enjoy the cafes Tallinn Estonia in winter

The Tallinn coffee shops not only offer delicious coffee but also give a breathtaking view. Imagine drinking coffee with the winter view from the cafe. The decor inside the coffee shops is quite quirky and cool, which adds to the vibe. You can also enjoy the coffee with delicious cinnamon buns and flatbreads. It can get really cold in Tallinn during the winter months, and there is nothing better than relaxing in cozy cafes and sipping on coffee. 

  • Visit the Famous Tallinn Tower Hall: 

Do not miss out on exploring the famous Tallinn Tower Hall that is located in the middle of the Old Town. It is known as one of the famous sites to visit in Estonia. The tower is 64-meter high and was built from 1402 to 1404. It has around 115 spiral stairs and gives a 34-meter high view from the tower. It is one of the places which you should visit whether it is winter or summer. The Christmas market also takes place around the same area. 

  • A day trip to Helsinki : 

You can take a day trip to Helsinki, which is not far from Tallinn. It is known as a brilliant city in Estonia, and in the winter months, it gets super cold there. There are various famous places to visit in Helsinki also.