Have you ever thought of spending your winter at the top of the world? Then Svalbard is the best place. Svalbard in winter can be a little frightening to go, but then it is one of the best places to go during the winter months. It scares people because it is super cold, but it is also a plus point.

Here are fun things that you can do in Svalbard in winter: 

  • See the northern lights in Spitsbergen: 

See the northern lights in Spitsbergen: 

If you plan your trip to Svalbard in December, January or February, then you will get to see the northern lights here. The polar nights last for around 84 days in the region. These are the days when you can potentially see northern lights during day and night time. It is a fantastic experience to see the northern lights standing in a place surrounded by snow. 

  • Dog sledding in Svalbard in winter

Another exciting and fun activity that you can do in Svalbard is dog sledding. There are various tours available, and you can pick one according to your comfort. All of these dogs are taken care of amazingly and are super friendly. 

  • Go for a brewery tour at Svalbard Bryggeri: 

Go for a brewery tour at Svalbard Bryggeri: 

Another epic thing to do when you are at the top of the world is to go for a brewery tour at Svalbard Bryggeri. There are so many types of beers to try at the brewery, and it is also known as the northernmost brewery. There are around eight beers, and some of them are made from the best water that comes from the 2000-year-old glacier which is there in Svalbard called Bogerbreen. 

  • Go to the church: 

One of the most peaceful sights that you will get to see in Svalbard in winter is the red wooden church which is at the top. The church was built in 1921, and it is the northernmost church that is there in the world. 

  • Polar bears Svalbard in winter:

Polar bears Svalbard in winter

You can also spot one of the most amazing creatures that are on this planet, polar bears. You usually get to spot them during the winter months as, during summer times, they follow the sea ice and migrate towards the other side. There is no fixed time to spot the polar bears as it is all on the weather and the condition.  

  • Go to Barentsburg on a snowmobile: 

One of the coolest and beautiful places to visit in Svalbard in winter is Barentsburg or known as the ‘Little Russia’. There are various ways to get there, but the best one is on a snowmobile. There are various tours available, and you can choose the most suitable one for yourself. You also get to check out various spots on your way to the destination. 

  • Visit the Svalbard Museum: 

Visit the Svalbard Museum: 

Another thing that you can do while you are in Svalbard in winter is exploring the Svalbard Museum that was opened in the year 1979. The museum will answer all your questions as it will give you a brief detail about the history of the place. It is a great place to go to when you are in Svalbard. 

  • Eat at the best restaurant: 

One of the most popular restaurants is located in Longyearbyen, and it has won many awards for serving the best food in Artic. The food made at the Huset restaurant is made using Nordic techniques, and you can find every kind of dish here. They also have the biggest wine cellars in Norway, which has more than 15,000 bottles of wine. 

  • Enjoy the local food at pizza at Kroa restaurant: 

Kroa is known as the most diverse restaurant in Svalbard. The menu is so diverse that you will find every kind of speciality and dish here in this restaurant. The best part about this restaurant is that this place has the best pizza in Norway. You can have any pizza you want, and you’ll love it all. The interior of the restaurant is rustic and vintage. When you are in Svalbard in winter, make sure to visit this restaurant. 

  • Visit the Russian mining colony: 

You can also take out time during the day and visit the Russian mining colony in Barentsburg. Earlier, 1500 people used to live there, but now it is pretty much abandoned. The settlement still looks untouched, but because it was under Russia, it still has the Russian charm. There is a lot of history about mining that you will get to learn about after visiting the place. 

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