There is nothing like the weather in Greece, and there are varying climates throughout the country, but Athens has very tolerable weather throughout the year. The best time in Athens is during winters. During the beginning of spring, the temperatures are pretty cold, but the best time to visit Athens is during the winter. Here is a guide for all the fun things that you can do in Athens in winters:

Visit the Acropolis, Athens in winters:

Acropolis is an ancient citadel which is located in the city of Athens, which has historical significance. The history and architecture of the town are worth the visit. During winters, Acropolis isn’t that crowded, making it easier to explore the place in peace.

Hike to Mount Lycabettus:

Lycabettus Hill is known as the highest point in Athens, and it will offer you the most breathtaking view. You can also visit the place in a cable car or on foot which is totally up to you. There is a cafe that you will find while hiking on the hill and a church of Agios Georgios. The cable car is only running every 30 minutes, but during peak hours, the timings are different.

Enjoy the fantastic Greek food, Athens in winters:

Athens in winters
One thing you shouldn’t miss when you are in Athens is the Greek food. Greek food is really delicious with all the amazing salads which are filled with feta and olives. One of the best experiences that one can have while traveling to
Athens in winters is enjoying the indulging food. Every restaurant has something great to offer, and if you are a vegetarian, you will find many vegetarian dishes. You can also research and check out the ratings before going to the restaurants.

Walk around and enjoy in Plaka and Anafiotika:

Plaka is located in the center of Athens and has an epic history that is worth knowing about. There are many hidden pretty corners in this place that you can find while exploring and just taking a walk around. There are various monuments that offer epic historical stories and a whole bunch of bars, cafes, and restaurants. Within Plaka, there is a very breathtaking and beautiful neighborhood of Anafiotika. Otto, the Bavarian Prince who was in the 17th century, built the first houses there. There is a lot more to explore around the places if you want to enjoy the view and chill.

You can buy Greek jewelry:

The most fun part for the women while traveling to
Athens in winters is that they will still get to explore Greek jewelry which is entirely inspired by Greek art. You can also buy some jewelry for your loved ones or just for a memory from the trip. There are various kinds of jewelry like rings, pendants, bracelets and other stuff which the city can offer you. You can buy all this jewelry in any size or shape that you want.

Watch the sunset from Notos Cafe, Athens in winters:

Do you like sunsets? Who doesn’t? Right. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset from the Notos cafes or any other cafe which is either situated on the beach or somewhere on the top. During the winters, you can see the shades of sky changing and everything surrounding that place looking as beautiful as possible.

Enjoy coffee in Athens in winter:

Athens in winters
There is nothing better than sipping coffee and enjoying the view around you when you are traveling to
Athens in winter. Athens is known for its amazing coffee, and the baristas there take pride in the kind of products they use and the coffee they make. The coffee shops are beautiful and will offer you the most amazing coffee possible.

Trip to Glyfada:

If you want to enjoy Athens nightlife, then you can take a trip to the largest suburb in southern Athens, which is Glyfada. Other than the fantastic nightlife that the place offers, you can also explore the best restaurants, cafes, and bars on that side of the city. It is only a 40-minute bus ride from the center of Athens, and you get to enjoy the amazing side of the city.

Try the craft beer in Athens in winter:

When you are traveling to
Athens in winter, you should definitely try the cool craft beer scene in the city. There are various choices that you can try when it comes to Greek craft beer. They also have options for non-alcoholic beer for people who are not interested in drinking.