Firstly I absolutely love India, and I love living here. While 90 percent of things here are awesome, certain things do get on your nerves.

Yeah, even after living here my entire life. We may have learned to live with these annoying things but people visiting India may find these things a bit peculiar.

So if you are visiting India, you should know that some things are likely to annoy you.

Here are the top 10 annoying things that you are likely to experience in India-

1. People will stare at you at the lot:

Frustrating things that you will experience in India

You might be coming off from a culture where you barely glance at people around you. So when you visit India, it might come off as a cultural shock to you where you feel like everyone is staring at you.

In the restaurant, hotel lobby, roads, buses, just everywhere. Usually when someone stares we check ourselves to see if our hair or clothes are messed up or if there is food stuck in our teeth.

However, in India people stare just because, and it sometimes can be really annoying.

2. The never-ending traffic:

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Ever experienced a roadblock in India? It sure is a headache. Here if two people are arguing on the road, instead of turning the other way around, other people will add their two cents to the argument for no apparent reason.

People will spend hours on the road arguing about “whose fault was it?” which at the end is blamed on Sarkar for some irrational reasons. Sounds annoying? Wait till you experience it.

3. No respect for historical monuments:

Frustrating things that you will experience in India
Source: fabhotels

India is a land of culture and heritage, and people from around the world come to visit this cultural land. Do those travel guide books portray reality? I don’t think so.

Those travel books don’t show the graffiti scribbled on these historical monuments. Some Sachin God knows from where want the world to know he visited the Taj Mahal. Indians are also infatuated with letting the world know how much they love their lover.

They will never tell their family, but sure they will scribble their love on the walls of precious monuments.

4. Time Management in India:

Source: peptalkindia

Imagine you have a meeting planned at say 9:00 am you expect your guests to arrive at 9:15 at last 9:30; Right?

However, Indians have a different concept when it comes to a time schedule. When it comes to punctuality Indians aren’t on the same page of the western world.

A tourist using car service will experience their drives coming past 9:30 when the given time was 9:00. And they will always pack a dozen of excuses with then which you wouldn’t know how to react to.

5. They just cannot say No:

Frustrating things that you will experience in India
Source: maryloudriedger2

In the western world, if you cannot do something or be somewhere, what you say? “Sorry, But I won’t be able to.” However, in India people prefer making tons of excuses rather than simply declining it.

Their answers would go something like, “actually it is… or “I am not sure, let see…”

It is very rare that you ask something and you get a straight “No” as your reply. So remember most of the time “possibly” here means “No.”

6. They just don’t know what Queue means:

Source: Aljazeera

Most of the Indian thinks that lines are not for them. They are always cutting line whether in a bank queue or traffic. In fact, most of the time you wouldn’t even realize when someone would just emerge in your lane.

If there is a crowd, expect to be pushed around, you will just have to adapt yourself or else you’ll end up at the end of the line.

7. Apathy towards stray animals:

Frustrating things that you will experience in India
Source: EPS

While cows are sacred and monkeys are venerated, the rest of the animal kingdom seems to have no value in the country. Sure, NGOs are working hard to prevent the animals but Indians’ general attitude towards animals is sickening.

The elephant has brutally pulled away from their mother only be starved and drugged into capitulation only to be later used in the temples and popular tourist sites. On the other hand, stray dogs are a tremendous burden on the nation.

8.No respect for personal space:

Source: millenniumpost

Indians usually lack the sense of requesting approval before using someone’s personal property. And don’t get me wrong they won’t steal from you; it is just that they aren’t usually used to the concept of personal space.

You would notice that they are ready to share their possessions with you. This can be a bit annoying for someone who is very particular about one’s personal space.

9. Garbage disposal:

Source: civildigital

Usually, there is a proper method of the garbage disposal system, but people in India haven’t learned to use it yet.

They would just throw garbage on the road which spreads bacteria resulting in a disease like diarrhea.  In fact, there are very few places in India that are clean and hygienic.

10. Chaotic roads:

Frustrating things that you will experience in India
Source: thefinancialexpress

One billion people, bicycles, cars, rickshaws, motorcycle, add some cows and dogs as well; that is your typical Indian street.

Noisy, polluted, and highly congested streets here work like roads, restaurants, and marketplace. That is annoying, but once you make peace with it, you might start to enjoy the chaos.

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