Ever thought about getting married in a forest? You might be wondering how is it possible to escape from all roads and get your loved ones to a lovely place. Tollymore Forest Park is one of the best forest weddings in Northern Ireland where you can enjoy the most special moment of your life without fail.

It not only sounds perfect and exciting wedding but it provides you the best. You’ll be glad to know that Tollymore Forest Park is also the filming location of Game of Thrones. You already have a plus point if you’re a Game of Thrones fan. Let’s know more about the wedding location.

Head-off to the park

Forest Wedding Northern Ireland

The Tollymore Forest Park will always welcome you to its stunning entrance. Right there, you’ll take out your camera as soon as you enter the magnificent forest. It is more important to make yourself comfortable with the walks of the park. Once you get into the ceremony location, you are all free to enjoy the mud-free wide area. 

You will crave for your dream photoshoot that you always wanted to have. It’s the photographer’s work now. You can always start with a photoshoot. The bride and the groom can be ready to get clicked in the most attractive and remote places of the forest.

Bring along your close friends and family who can enjoy the heart of Northern Ireland and witness you exchanging great vows of life with your loved one. 

Photoshoots at the gorgeous spots of the Forest park

Forest Wedding Northern Ireland

Take time after the ceremony to spend some hours, exploring the beautiful forest. There is a fact about Tollymore National Park, it has its own naturally set up spots to have your photo shoot. Not only the bride and groom but also their teams are free to roam around such places and get themselves clicked.

This will be a lifetime ceremony so it’s better to make good use of your photographer. The whole park has a tranquil and calm beauty atmosphere. Tollymore Ireland is one of the best combinations of lush green, rock formations, calm rivers and slopes.

Get yourself accustomed to wearing shoes so that you can enjoy freely. It has to be one of the best. You can also enjoy your champagnes and canapes in the middle of the forest. 

Exploring Tollymore after the wedding 

Forest Wedding Northern Ireland

Feel like knowing the best beauty spots of Tollymore? We recommend the wedding team to stay for at least one full day to explore the beauty of this place. Let us help you get accustomed to the park before you reach. Besides wedding destinations, this location also serves its best for people looking for the Mourne Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

This forest park is open all 365 days for camping and touring vehicles. It just gets closed in case of severe weather conditions during winters. There are rivers that flow along its rocky bed through the center of the park. You can also sit near the river. There are tree-shaded areas with the river view to adore your stay. 

Other activities in Tollymore 

Tollymore Forest Park

There are many outdoor recreational activities for you to enjoy. These include horse riding, orienteering, and touring, camping, and sporting events. Students also come in groups for educational visits.  

Tollymore Forest Parks also offers facilities to people with certain facilities. You will find information points everywhere. The map will be available to you in the lower car park. This map will explain to you the walking trails and all the required information for your safety. 

A five-minute drive from the forest park will lead you to the Newcastle town. You can get all your fresh food from the supermarket. Alternatively, you can also visit the cafes and restaurants of the town to fill your stomachs. 


Tollymore Forest Park

Tollymore Forest Park brings a meaningful wedding destination. It is one of the most intimate wedding venues in the world.  This requires a lot of research to get yourself fully-acknowledged about this place. Everything needs to be done before-hand.  

We are here to help you accomplish your woodland wedding location dream. Forest Wedding Northern Ireland is the right place for all nature lovers. It is the ideal place for exchanging vows with the love of your life. Everything is served beautifully to you. You will love the atmosphere, even if it is cold.