Food is always the way to a person’s heart, and there is so much to explore when it comes to different cuisines served in different places of the world.

Every place has its own special dishes and the secret behind how it is made and why it got so famous, which is the main reason why people come from all over the world to have it.

Here is a foodie tour across the main states:


Foodie tours
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Estonia is a beautiful place filled with amazing views, roads, and church towers.

The place is equally beautiful as Prague, but just the difference is in the crowd of tourists who visit this place.

You can go around springtime to get the most amazing tour around the city. The growing season around the area is really short, which becomes a challenge for the chefs to pull it off.

Chef Rene Uusmees has his own restaurant, which is known as Mekk and is located on Suur-Karja street in the old town.

Every plate of food has two tiny potatoes on it as the very firsts of every season.

The chefs of this place have gone really deep to find the best ingredients for the place so that the people who come in to eat can experience food in the best way possible.


Foodie tours
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Riga, which is known as the biggest metropolis in the Baltics, is also the capital of Latvia is popularly known as the Art Nouveau Capital of Europe.

The food is the pride of the city, and it has a very aesthetic way of presenting it. Juris Dukalskis is a head chef at the place known as Restaurant 3.

The signature dish of this place is a cheese wrapped in a crisp pastry that arrives on the top of a smoky bowl.

The presentation of this dish is extremely aesthetic and amazing.

The decor of the place is based on the old and vintage style, and the presentation of food is unique and amazing. It is the perfect place to visit on your foodie tour.


Foodie tours
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If you are wondering where to go on your foodie tour, then consider having the best food experience in Lithuania.

The place has a lot of greenery and is filled with beautiful wetlands around. Ilzenbergas Manor is one of the places around 100kms away from Latvia and was built in the 16th century by a wealthy trader who used to make his money by selling grain, butter, spices, and tar.

There is a leading restaurant which is known as Vista Puede, and it has the air and ambiance of an Italian restaurant.

You can have a fantastic experience tasting different and unique food dishes at this place as all the ingredients are freshly got from the farm, and there is one dish known as the potato latkes.

This dish is served with sour cream topped with a cold smoked trout, and it is one of the best things you can have in this place on your foodie tour.