Southern California is the perfect place to spend your summer days as it is near the Pacific coastline and has sunny weather most of the time. There are lots of beaches and places to visit in Southern California, but the best thing to do is glamping in Southern California. Glamping in California is the best way to know the golden state and enjoy every moment of your vacation there. 

Here are some places for glamping in Southern California

1. El Capitan Canyon: 

Glamping in Southern California

El Capitan Canyon is known as one of the best places for glamping in Southern California because of the luxury camping there. The place has an amazing view all around, and the campers can have fun in their luxury tents, which gives them all the facilities and a perfect stay. You can build your own fireplace and enjoy your camping experience in the beautiful surroundings around you. 

2. Cultus Camp glamping: 

Great Glamping Destinations

Cultus Camp is a fantastic retreat in the middle of the forest, which gives you an incredible view all around your camp. The glamping cabins in this retreat are amazing, and the property also offers a lot of other entertainment sources to the people coming in to stay at the retreat. Just imagine escaping the world and coming in the middle of the forest to live in a beautiful cabin with a great view around you. 

3. Shelter Co:

Best Glamping Spots in California

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of setting your own camp, then Shelter Co. is the perfect place for you because it offers the guests all the luxury facilities and a comfortable stay. The camp is extremely beautiful, and they also offer a lot of entertainment sources for guests like catering, movie theatre, events, activities and much more. Shelter Co. makes glamping in Southern California easier. 

4. Treebones resort: 

Glamping in Southern California

The Treebones Resort is a hidden sanctuary located in between the Los Padres National Forest, and it gives a lot of boho vibe to the guests who come in to live here. Every cabin here is fully furnished with a little open-top, and it is a perfect place to relax and take a break from your routine life. Guests who live here can also spend their time hiking in the forest and exploring the areas nearby. It also gives the luxury of a hot tub with a beautiful view of the sunset, which is a perfect ending to the day. 

5. Vintage Glamping Travel Trailer: 

Great Glamping Destinations

It is a luxury camping site with an amazing view all around the place. You can relax and enjoy the facilities of the resort with the hilly view all around the camping site. There is a trailer and sitting area outside the trailer given to all the guests so that they can relax and enjoy their camping trip completely without any stress. There is nothing more relaxing than going on a camping trip with a great view of the area and enjoying it with your partner or the family.