Visiting zoos is the favorite memory anyone can ever have because watching animals around is mesmerizing.

During this pandemic, it has become difficult to step out of the house and visit the places that you love.

It’s not important to miss out on the zoo while sitting at home because five zoos will give you the live experience from home.

You can enjoy your time and look at the animals around the zoo through this live camera.

Here is a list of the live zoo cams that you can watch:

San Diego Zoo, California:

Live zoo cams
source: fi.pinterest

The San Diego Zoo is known to be extremely open and filled with various animals.

You will find different species and kinds of animals in this zoo.

It is very easy to walk around and observe the animals doing things around in their own gardens, but you can also take this experience with the help of live zoo cams that this place has for people to sit back at home and enjoy the experience of visiting a zoo.

The webcams are placed in such a way that you can watch the animals enjoying themselves in their own personal space.

Live zoo cams
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Edinburgh is known as a wonderful place filled with landscapes and castles.

The one thing people forget about is the zoo in the city, which is also pretty huge and amazing.

You can have the live zoo cam experience for the penguin enclosure in the zoo.

The enclosure has more than 100 penguins inside, and with the help of the cam, you can notice them doing different things and chilling around the place.

Dublin Zoo, Ireland:

source: commons.m.wikimedia

The Dublin zoo, which is located in Ireland, has a few cameras around the place, which helps you in watching a few animals like giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and many more.

The place is spread in a huge area, and it is very easy to notice these animals roaming around and doing their own thing every day.

Houston Zoo live giraffes cam, Texas:

Live zoo cams
source: houstonzoo

The Houston Zoo has cameras over the area where the giraffes live, and you can enjoy your time completely by watching these long animals walking around and enjoying their time with each other.

It is fun to watch giraffes eat and play with their younger ones.

You can notice all of this through the live zoo cam that this place has and have an excellent time sitting at home. live cams, Kenya:

Live zoo cams
source; explore

Everyone loves going for safari’s and noticing these animals enjoying their own personal spaces and roam around freely.

Kenya has a very nice safari experience, which you can now easily watch through the live zoo cams and enjoy the experience of safari while sitting at home.

There are many animals and birds that you can spot with the live cameras, which are all around the place.

You can explore the area and watch the animals roaming around freely.

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