Calgary is located in Alberta, Canada, and it is the largest city in the region. Many travelers look forward to coming to this place during the winter season because it is beautiful and fun. If you are also planning to travel to Calgary in winter, then this guide will help you with the cozy and festive things that you can do around:

Things you need to pack while traveling to Calgary in winter:

  • Outerwear: Carry a lot of outerwear because you will need warm clothes to protect yourself from the cold wind out there.
  • Thermal pants: Make sure you take many layers with you because winters in Canada are crazy. You will need thermal tops and bottoms.
  • Snow boots: Carry tall snow boots to enjoy the long walks in the cold weather.
  • Snow pants: You will need snow pants for the adventures that you will do outdoors.
  • Cosmetics: Make sure that you carry perfume, moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm.
  • Accessories: Carry gloves, warm socks, caps, scarves, sunglasses, and loungewear.

Things that you can do in Calgary:

Experience the Tubing at WinSport Tube Park:

Calgary in winter

The Tube Park has ten lanes for doing the ice tubing sport during the winter season. The Calgary Olympics complex is on the east side, and it is a must-visit if you are going to Calgary during the winter season. You can enjoy this amazing winter tubing in Calgary at the WinSport Tube Park.

Explore downtown Calgary in winter:

There are a lot of things that you can do in downtown Calgary like enjoying the seasonal shopping events and experiencing the festive dinners that take place. Some prime attractions are located in downtown Calgary like the Bow Building, Peace Bridge, Calgary Tower, and much more. If you like the winter weather and have a tolerance to cold, then you can walk down these streets and enjoy the views, or else you can also drive through the lanes and enjoy the amazing seasonal lights that light up the entire area.

Don’t forget Ice skating at Prince’s Island Park:

Calgary in winter

Prince’s Island Park is also located in downtown Calgary, and it is a must-visit during the winter season because of the outdoor events. The lagoon, which is at the Prince’s Island Park, gets supersonic and is the perfect place to do ice skating.

Go for a river walk and visit the Peace Bridge:

If you want to walk in the cold, you can explore the River Walk and go to the pretty Peace Bridge, also known as the Red Bridge. The Bridge is entirely covered with snow, and it is a view that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Learn more about the history:

Calgary in winter

You can visit Fort Calgary as it is one of the best places to visit in Calgary in winter. You will get to learn many facts about the city’s history and get to see the quirky details in the buildings. There are many replicas that will also present you with the life that was there during earlier times. It is fun to explore the area during the winter season, but in the winter season, you can learn about the history by getting toasty and cozy inside.

Visit the Glenbow Museum in Calgary in winter:

If you think that the weather is too cold for you, then there are many things that you can explore by being indoors. You can always go to the museums if you feel like learning about the city’s culture and how it started. There are a lot of wonderful things at the museum which is worth the visit.

Go to Calgary Olympics Stadium:

Calgary is known as the home to the Winter Olympics in 1988, and it is a great sport to enjoy the winter sports outdoors like skating, tubing, skiing, and much more. You can also get professional lessons from the instructors who are there at a very reasonable price.

Go shopping in Calgary in winter :

If there is one thing that you’ll never get bored of, then it is shopping. You can always visit the traditional retail outlets in Calgary or the amazing shopping malls, which will have beautiful festive decorations and seasonal events. You can roam around and shop for a while if you feel like it. Calgary in winter is extremely beautiful, and there are various things you can do around the city.