Cold weather and extreme snow always call for winter clothes. Although it entirely depends upon the type of trip you’re planning and what specific garments you will need. 

Thus, you should know that the right clothes are the most important for you to pack in your bags along with the necessary equipment for your Norway trip in Winters. As you surely don’t want to freeze and be healthy after coming back to your home. 

In the section below, we will discuss for you what to wear in Norway in winter.

Let’s Have a look at these clothes.

Winter boots

Winter boots are waterproof, warm, and the most important thing you should carry in Norway, as snow is all around. Boots could make your walk a lot easier, protect your feet, and aid traction on the ice.

Woolen Socks

Woolen socks are a must, and you should be wearing them with boots. It can keep your feet warm and be helpful for you if you don’t have warm shoes.

Woolen Sweater

Since the temperature in Norway will be cold and high, you’ll require 4-5 pairs of the sweater. It is because a single sweater won’t be enough to deal with the cold, and you would require different layers of sweaters on your body. A wool sweater could be even better for more warmth.

Warm Hat And Gloves

While traveling to Norway, never forget your hat. It would be much better to have a trapper hat with ear flaps or a warm hat with fleece lining. Moreover, you would also need warm Gore-Tex gloves to go for the outdoor activities. 

Also, carry a thin pair of gloves that you could wear under your warm-waterproof gloves.

Snow Pants And Moisturizer

Winter In Norway

Snow pants will be more helpful for you if you’ll be spending more time outdoors. These are warm and could be great for you in the cold weather.

Since wind and cold together could make your skin dry. It would help if you took your skin moisturizer, lip balm, face cream, etc., to protect your skin.


A headlamp acts as a flashlight that can capture you in a picture when there is dark. So, if you would want to take your photos in front of the northern lights, you may require a headlamp.


Winter In Norway


The camera is the most important thing you must pack in your bags. Make sure that it has a wide-angle and is excellent for capturing landscape photography. Also, due to the cold, the camera’s battery could die soon. So, it would be best if you also carried some extra batteries with you.


As you won’t have enough time to keep your phones charged, you should be taking the power banks that may help you on tour.

The Bottom Line

The weather in Lofoten, Stavanger, and Bergen is a bit milder than in other country areas, including Oslo. The temperature in Norway is freezing, and there is always snow during winters. 

For a fantastic and funfilled trip, you must also want to get back safely and healthy, so you must pack in your bag the essentials mentioned above on your journey to Norway during winters.

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