Every religion has its important festivals to celebrate and the same way the Christians celebrate their traditional festivals which are known as their holy week. All the Christians throughout the world celebrate this festival which happens between March and April during the Friday, which is a full moon night. Every country has its way of celebrating this festival, and in the same way, El Salvador festivals are different as compared from the other countries. 

The festival is also called as Semana Santa, and it is celebrated in different ways in different places. The biggest celebration happens in San Salvador during this festival. Even within the country, people celebrate the festival in different ways, and it is a very colourful festival for them. 

Here are some of the fun facts about the El Salvador Festival

1. The food that people consume during this festival:

El Salvador Festival

This festival is celebrated on Friday with a full moon, and everyone has their own religious beliefs during the time of the celebration. People usually do not eat any meat dishes during that particular Friday and only consume seafood. 

2. Time to change the mindset:

El Salvador Festival

The holy week is a time for all the people to give time and reflect on their beliefs till now in life and how these beliefs are going to reflect in future but people usually consider it as a holiday and take rest from work. 

3. The colour during this festival:

El Salvador Festival

During the El Salvador festival, people tend to wear purple, and you will always find a lot of purple colour in the church. The Catholics believe that purple is the colour of patience, and it is best suited during this festival. 

4. The city of Sonsonate:

El Salvador Festival

Sonsonate is a city in El Salvador, and it is decorated well during this festival. It is famous for the street carpets or the alfombras, which are the colourful flowers that are decorated and created on the streets for the procession. 

5. The famous food:

El Salvador Festival

There are a lot of famous dishes that people prefer to consume during this El Salvador Festival which is mostly seafood, rice with clams, french toast with sugar cane honey, dry fruit candy, mango marmalade and much more. 

6. The significance of days during the holy week:

El Salvador Festival

Holy Friday is known as a sad day because it turns all the purple colour into black because of the processions of the dead Christ. 

Holy Saturday is yet another sad day for the people because they hope to believe that Christ will soon come back to life. 

Then Easter Sunday is celebrated in the belief that Christ has gone back to life and it is celebrated in big masses. 

7. The rituals:

El Salvador Festival

The rituals and processions start before 40 days of Easter Sunday. People follow their own processions, beliefs and ceremonies during this time. Everyone has their own opinions about the holidays, and they tend to follow it like that during the El Salvador Festival.