El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, and it is very densely populated. Its capital is San Salvador which is also a beautiful city to visit. El Salvador is the home to Chaparrastique volcano, which also gives the best hiking challenge in the whole country. The country is also known for its San Miguel Carnival which is celebrated in November. 

If you love adventures, then El Salvador, San Miguel, is just the right place for you. The San Miguel Carnival is the main attraction of the country and is celebrated as one of the most important events in the country. The carnival takes place every year in the country, and people join in to celebrate the honour of the town’s patron who is Virgen de la Paz. During the carnival, the town turns into a full party place, and people are filled with joy. 

San Miguel Carnival

The history of the San Miguel carnival is fascinating and has lots of fun facts. The carnival first started with the reason of celebrating the founding date of the town which used to happen on 8th May then the date moved in the year 1939 to November because it celebrates Virgin Mary on the date. Earlier, it used to be celebrated in the casinos and dancing around in town with friends and family. With growing time people started celebrating it differently as neighbouring countries started joining in the celebration and soon it became one of the most popular carnivals. 

The presidents from other countries started coming to the country to take part in the San Miguel Carnival celebrations. A lot of singers and famous bands perform in the carnival, and it is a big celebration now. 

San Miguel Carnival

The carnival has become so big now that people in the country start the celebration from mid-October and then continue it till the day of the carnival. There are various concerts, activities, music, games, alcohol and a lot of other things that go on for entertainment. Every day two or more activities happen till 25th November to celebrate the fantastic San Miguel Carnival. In a different part of the town, there are activities done, and then they select the beauty queen for the year. Sometimes they celebrate with a beautiful colour parade on the streets of the country. 

San Miguel Carnival

During the carnival, there are various religious rituals that are also celebrated in the country as all the Catholics come together to enjoy the plays at night and also listen to music. On the main day, the festival is known as ‘Festival Mariano’ which means a celebration kept in honour of the Virgin Mary. People come together on the main days of the festival in the San Miguel Cathedral

The San Miguel Carnival is one of the best festivals in the country, and people love to be a part of it. The carnival went from being a small celebration to something big because of the people who kept joining in to celebrate. 

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