Have you ever explored Dubai if you haven’t experienced the self-drive on the dunes of Dubai Desert? You will always find a guide present to help you guide the tour.

For all the adventure junkies, we highly recommend you to experience the Desert Buggy Dubai in this lifespan. We will discuss the itinerary and help you choose the most suitable time to ride. 

Self-Driven Dune Buggy Ride:

Desert Buggy Dubai

Starting with the most exciting and thrilling adventure, let’s discuss about the tour. If you are 16, you are free to ride here. You will be provided with the required helmet and goggles. Don’t forget, this powerful buggy is for your touring and not for a racing session with your friends or so.

You are free to ride the powerful buggy in the morning or evening which is completely your choice. Provided, you will need to sign the disclaimer form against damage and any personal injuries. It is advisory to wear sports 

From separate bathroom facilities for male and female to snacks, unlimited water, and soft drinks, you will love every second of the trip. 

If you are planning to have Morning Safari, then what do you think? You will only have a buggy ride? A big NO, the list will include-

  • Proper pick-up and drop off from Dubai 
  • Dune Bashing
  • Camel Camp visit
  • The buggy ride for one hour (where you can stop in between to click pictures)
  • Soft beverages will also be provided 

If you wish to have Evening Safari, it includes a few things more that will make your day, undoubtedly. The list is as follows-

  • 30 minutes buggy ride and boarding
  • You will witness a famous fire show, Tanoura Dance show, and two belly dance shows
  • Enjoy a short camel ride
  • The smoking facility will also be provided to you, known as Sheesha
  • You can also wear Arabic Costumes to enjoy a photoshoot
  • The females are most welcomed to put their hands at the famous Heena Painting 
  • The showdown with BBQ dinner (includes both veg and non-veg)

What is Tanoura Dance?

Desert Buggy Dubai

In English, the word, ‘Tanoura’ means ‘skirt’. Usually, the Sufi men perform the great Tanoura Dance. Don’t miss out to take out your camera and shoot them while spinning continuously. It is one of the fascinating dance show held in the Dubai Desert to gain tourist attraction.

This dance is a remarkable culture of Egypt and is similar to folkloric dance. This takes place during your BBQ dinner so that you can relax and enjoy your dinner. 

All you need to know about Heena Painting

Desert Buggy Dubai

We would like to invite all the beautiful ladies out there to put their hands at Heena Painting. This a replacement for tattoos. This Heena Painting serves as one of the most important traditions in Arab and Islamic countries. The Heena painter makes an attractive tattoo on your hand or feet.

Due to the natural cooling property of the colors, it is easily soaked and gives a fresh, cooling effect until the painting remains on your skin. The cooling effect is further transferred all over your body. Thus, helps you to feel from inside in Desert.  

Rules & Regulations for desert buggy Dubai

Desert Buggy Dubai

To maintain the decorum of the organized tour, it is important to follow the terms and conditions they provide you. Be aware of them and enjoy your tour. 

  • The tour doesn’t support pregnant ladies and those who suffer from severe back-pains. Take a look. This is for your safety pals. 
  • Safari is a thrill-based experience and it not possible to carry Infants below 3 years. They won’t be allowed during the time of dune-bashing. 
  • They provide you an alternative for the two points mentioned above. You can always book a private trip for you. There will be a driver for you to control the dune bashes. 
  • To make yourself feel comfortable, wear sports shoes. Ditch all your fancy shoes like slippers, heels, and sandals. 
  • The trip organizers and none of the people except you is responsible for your safety. We recommend you to not-carry expensive jewelry. 


Desert Buggy Dubai

Desert buggy Dubai is one ideal way to get yourself engulfed with the stillness of the desert. Dubai trip is nothing without this stopover. You will be surrounded by a lot of awe-inspiring moments during the tour. Most importantly, what’s better than a self-driven buggy ride? 

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