All of us get bored with the mundane and monotonous routine of our life and begin rummaging for some THRILL, some ADVENTURE.

We always love it when our heartbeats with fear and excitement, the adrenaline rush that we have and hence we must never miss any place in this world that promises us such adrenaline rush.

Mountains, cliffs, and valleys create some of the most dangerous places on this planet. Mountains must not be treated in play.

Despite their beautiful environment, mountains conceal horrifying dangers even for the best-experienced climbers.

Even our Carpathians mountain ranges, the not so giddy heights, can prove to be dangerous and might as well be deadly traps for those who scorn the secrets of the hills.

Hundreds of dead testimonies are attributed to the dangers possessed in the high mountain ranges of the world. As the mountains get higher and less accessible, they get more and more dangerous.

These stone giants seem to be beautiful and serene, but also take most of the lives every year regarding mountaineers, drivers, and village people, etc.

So get ready all the adrenaline lovers around the globe. Here are some of the incredible places which you must go once in a lifetime, the ten dangerous heights around the world that you must visit!

Remember, the more you travel outside, the more you explore your inner self. So pack your bags and do n’t forget to put these places on your bucket list.

1. Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia

dangerous heights
Source: Matriarch Africa

The devil’s pool rightly nicknamed as the ULTIMATE INFINITY POOL. You will need a rocky walk through a hilly range and a swim in the Zambezi River to reach the pool.

Then, only the bravest ones are capable enough to jump into the pool and get thrown to the pool’s edge by the force of the river flow.

If you ever want to see how daring you can be, this is the ultimate place to go as you can test yourself for swimming, trekking, and heights.

2. Trolltunga, Odda, Norway

dangerous heights
Source: The Dharma Approach

Trolltunga is a piece of rock protruding horizontally from a mountain at about 700 meters on the north side of the lake Ringedalsvatnet in the city of Odda, Norway.

3. Cliff Diving, Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Portugal

Source: Portuguese American Journal

The islet came into existence as a result of a crater of an ancient volcano that got submerged under the crust of the earth. The water is crystal clear and is surrounded by a beautiful beach. If you are in love with swimming and diving, this is just the right place for you.

4. The Edgewalk, CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

dangerous heights
Source: Independent

If you want to push yourself to your limits, this is the place for you. Walk on the edge of one of the highest buildings in Canada and feel the adrenaline rush.

5. Bike riding on the Cliffs of Moher

Source: Youtube

The trail narrows down to mere four inches wide with a terrifying 600ft drop down on the Northside of the Atlantic.

High winds are powerful enough and have wiped people off the edge several times in the past. So be careful while you drive on this road!

6. Insanity, Las Vegas

dangerous heights
Source: Las vegas Blogs

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience, the Insanity ride is the one for you! It comes with a massive mechanical arm that extends 64 feet out of the edge of the Stratosphere Tower at a height of about 900 feet.

This Vegas ride spins in the air at a speed of up to three ‘G’s. You are suspended at an angle of about 70 degrees, which tilts your body into a position, i.e., STRAIGHT DOWN!!

7. Sky Deck, Willis Tower (Sears Tower), Chicago

Source: SOM

To taste the adrenaline rush, all you need to do is to step outside of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. At 1,353 feet in the air, the glass boxes at the ledge extend out 4.3 feet from the Sky deck. So take a step here and experience the fantastic view of a lifetime.

8. Sky walking on Mount Nimbus, Canada

dangerous heights
Source: Daily Hive

Sky walking is mountain climbing with safety clips into iron rungs 1000m over the ground and onto steel rope across a 60m suspension bridge. Additionally, no climbing experience is necessary if you come to this skywalk!

9. Portaledge Camping at Yosemite

Source: WVXU

Bored with the old and traditional campaigning? Try porta ledge camping. You get a tent-like construction to lie on while it hangs from whatever spot you’ve attached it to, generally a cliff hundreds of meters above the ground.

10. Swing at the edge of the world, Baños Ecuador via

dangerous heights
Source: Disclosed Moments

Although it’s just a treehouse used for monitoring active volcanoes it comes with a small attraction– A SWING. You’re not only swinging out over a void but over a steep hill, about 100 feet up.