Corfu was not an island in its past. It has a long, turbulent history behind becoming an island. At the time of the Paleolithic era, Corfu occupied some areas of Greece’s mainland. It was during the Neolithic Era when the geographical partition took place.

The ice started melting and alongside, the level of the sea also increased which led to the creation of an independent island. It is also known as Kerkyra. Corfu Mythology is ancient Greek mythology. It has a history of different types of battles and conquests. Some of the traces before partition are still observed in Sidari.

The year 1864, was the most turning point of Corfu. It became a unique Greek Island after that day. Corfu was then converted into a new island that has no resemblance to other islands. It has been an entirely different place in Greece as it did not even undergo Ottoman Operation.

The Corfu Incident 

unique Greek Island

In 1923, Corfu had undergone a major military crisis between Italy and Greece. An Italian General was murdered in Greek territory while heading a commission to resolve one of the border disputes. The General was murdered between Albania and Greece along with his staff members.

In response to the incident, Benito Mussolini targeted to occupy Corfu and bombard the place. He also listed that Italy would leave the crisis according to its choice. The Conference of Ambassadors offered an agreement that was in favor of Italy. This proved to be the weakness of the League while dealing with larger powers.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions

Due to its ancient history and Corfu Mythology, the town happens to be more special. Let’s explore the most famous spots of Corfu that tourists must visit. This beautiful town is divided into two sections: northern and southern. 

Spianada Square

Corfu Mythology

This famous monument in Corfu Town has a great significance. It is also a social center for celebrating various festivals and parades every year. This square is surrounded by a lot of trees. There are brilliant buildings and fortresses around the monument. You can spend some time here if you are too lazy to travel in the daytime.

Ionian Academy 

Corfu Mythology

This university is located at the southern side of the Spianada Square. The university was started in 1824 by Ioannis Kapodistrias. It is known to be the first Greek University. Tourists must visit this university as it serves as the most pride place in the educational regard of Greece. 

Town Hall 

Corfu Mythology

Town Hall is the most magnificent spot. It was constructed based upon the Venetian architecture. You will find the huge Town Hall made up of rich stones and marbles. This hall was earlier a Noble Theatre which was destroyed after the bombardment in 1943 during the Second World War. As a result of the destruction, this beautiful Tow Hall was constructed in place of the Theatre. 

The Achilleion 

unique Greek Island

This is one of the top-rated tourist attraction spots in Corfu. It is located right outside the Gastouri village which is 10km from the town. This place is Elizabeth’s one of the favorite spots in Corfu. The Achilleion has its own natural beauty. You will also find a beautiful grandiose villa to witness the beautiful gardens. 

Paleokastritsa Beaches 

unique Greek Island

The area covers 6 deep beaches surrounded by sand and pebbles. The places stretch to a crystal clear blue sea. It gives a perfect picturesque view to the tourists. Olive tree forests cover the entire area giving a dynamic view to the place. One of the beaches in Paleokastritsa is highlighted for its cold waters and calm environment. 

There are a couple of other tourists’ spots that includes beautifully structured places like Glyfada, Canal d’Amour, and so on. 


This little town has its natural beauty and significance that beats all the other laces in Greece. The island Corfu, rolling green hills and limestone rock formations in its two sections has developed itself to be a beautiful town out of its ancient history and Corfu mythology.

Tourism is the highest source of revenue in Corfu. It is mandatory to visit this place in Greece that occupies one of the best attractions and significance in the world. This little town also has its own Airport which is located in the southern side of the town. Feel free to contact us for any further queries.