Winter is always a great time to travel because of the festive vibe of Christmas, snow, and bonfires. Visiting Manchester in winter is super fun, and it gets freezing there, but it rarely snows. The winter season starts in November and almost finishes in March. If you are planning to go to Manchester in winter then here are some fun things that you can do:

Visit the Manchester Christmas market:

Manchester in winter

If you are going to Manchester in December, then you should totally go to the Christmas market because that is one thing that you wouldn’t want to miss. The Christmas market isn’t as big as the Winter Wonderland in London, but around 9 Christmas markets are scattered all over the city. These Christmas markets are the kind of experience that you wouldn’t want to miss because they’ll offer you many things like food, wine, shops, art, music and much more.

Ice skating at the Ice Village in Manchester in winter :

Ice Village is the fun part of the Manchester Christmas market, and it is located in the Cathedral Gardens. The entire village is made of ice, and there is fun stuff to do around for kids and adults. If you visit Manchester in winter, try choosing the months November and December because the ice village is only open during those months.

Go for drinks at the Frozen Tiki Bar:

Manchester in winter The Manchester Cathedral Gardens during winters is transformed into an ice village, and there are fantastic ice sculptures everywhere. You can also have a drink from a frozen glass, and how fun is that?

Watch a class Christmas movie in the boutique cinema:

The Everyman St Johns opened in October, and it has lavish seatings with a fancy cocktail bar. The fun part is, if you feel like having ice cream sundaes while watching the movie, then they will deliver it to you on your seat. They keep adding festive movies to the list, and it always adds up to the Christmas vibe during that time of the year.

Have a cozy dinner or lunch in the igloo:

The most remarkable trend in Manchester is the igloos. Each igloo can allow at least eight people for drinks and food. The guests will receive all the services, and it has incredible interiors. There are themed meal courses that are served in the igloo with festive cocktails.

Go skiing in Manchester in winter :

If you are visiting Manchester in winter, then you can also enjoy the longest indoor ski slope at Chill Factore in Manchester. It is one of the most fun activities that you’ll get to enjoy with the festive vibe all around you. They also provide skis and snowboards to people, which you can rent for a couple of hours and enjoy the slop.

Go for a chill walk to explore the city center:

Manchester in winter Are you interested in knowing more about Manchester city and the history of the city? Then you can go for a walk in the city center because that will help you explore amazing facts about the city and its history. Though it can get freezing during winters in Manchester, if you want to explore the city and walk through the historic lanes, then there is no better way to do it than going on a tour. It is a small town which makes it easier to explore everything around on foot. You can discover some amazing landmarks, clubs, restaurants, historic places, and other unique places around.

Check the street art:

Manchester is known for street art, and you will see amazing and creative walls all around the city. The Northern Quarter is the best place to see street art, and all the celebrities like George Floyd, Arya Stark, left their mark on these city walls.

Take a chocolate workshop in Manchester in winter :

Who doesn’t love chocolates? There are various Christmas chocolate workshops that happen in the city that will help you learn to make chocolates from the master chocolatier. You will get a 2-hour workshop in which the chocolatiers will teach you about Christmas chocolates.

Visit the football stadium:

Manchester is known for football as it’s home to 2 premier league teams. Football is a big thing in the city, and fans go crazy when it is about the game. You can take a tour of the stadium when you are visiting Manchester in the winter. It is one of the fantastic experiences that you won’t forget.