The island of Svalbard Archipelago is found high in the Arctic circle. These remote islands situated between the North Pole and Norway are considered the home of the world’s northernmost settlements. 

Snowmobiling is the most common and natural feature of the Svalbard lifestyle. Since some roads don’t even connect to the other regions, people use snowmobiles to reach the other snow-covered area.

In the section below, we will discuss everything that you desire to know about Svalbard Snowmobile Tours.

When Is The Best Time For SnowMobiling?

Best Snowmobile Tours In Svalbard

Svalbard is always covered with snow, making it pretty clear that you could go snowmobiling any time of the year. Although, you’ll be required to travel a little further during the summers to reach the glaciers, where there are perfect snowmobile highways that go up in the mountains. 

Whereas, during the winters, you may encounter a polar bear as the population of bears increases on the island surrounding the sea ice. For this reason, your safety guides will always carry a flaregun or firearm for your protection.

Best Snowmobile Tours In Svalbard

The Dramatic East Coast

Duration: 10hours, Difficulty Level: 4, Distance in km: ca 200 km (Roundtrip)

The east coast is cooler than the west coast because of the Distance from the Gulf stream. You’ll see more wild polar bears on this trail along with magnificent landscapes.

Famous Tempelfjord And Fredheim Trapper Station

Best Snowmobile Tours In Svalbard

Duration: 7-8 hours, Difficulty Level: 3, Distance in km: cs.150 km (Roundtrip)

If you don’t have experience in snowmobiling, then this tour is the best option for you. It will even take you to Fredeim Trapper Station situated at the shores of the fjord.

The Majestic Advent Valley with el-sled

Duration: 3hours, Difficulty level: 2, Distance in km: 20km (Roundtrip)

This tour is an excellent option if you want to experience the northern lights and Arctic silence on el sled. The valley is both impressive and wild.

The Scenic View Point At Elveneset

Duration: 5 hours, Difficulty Level: 3, Distance in km: 70 km (Roundtrip)

Elveneset is a beautiful location where you can visit if you don’t want to spend 8 hours on snowmobiling tours. Here, the untouched, wild, and stunning fjords of Svalbard meet.

The Boutique Hotel Isfjord Radio

Best Snowmobile Tours In Svalbard

Duration: 9 hours, Difficulty level: 4, Distance in km: ca 180 km (Roundtrip)

This tour is the most beautiful and features stunning sceneries along the way. It’s a long day tour, and the locals also provide the most delicious food at hotels.

Barentsburg With Russian Food And Culture

Duration: 8 hours, Difficulty Level: 4, Distance in km: 120 km(Roundtrip)

Barentsburg is terrific and bizarre, which has an entirely different vibe than Longyearbyen. You may also require some technical driving to navigate the steep terrain between Barentsburg and Longyearbyen.

The Bottom Line

Snowmobiling is quite adventurous and requires you to be well prepared while going on a trip to Svalbard. The winters in these regions have incredibly harsh conditions, and so you must have the right clothes and shoes put on. 

Furthermore, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment and snowmobile like snow boots, snowsuit, helmet, mittens, goggles and foot coverings, etc.