The US offers some of the best road trip settings in the world. Good Cars, Great Roads, Cheap Fuel, and a wide array of destinations to choose from. However, a Road Trip in California can take you through everything in one Drive. One can start at the incredible coastlines and end at the bewitching mountains passing through lakes, deserts, and dunes midway.

I don’t think there is any other state in the USA that matches the Road Trip in California. There are many itineraries for some amazing getaway trips in the state. Here are some tips before picking your route.

1. Cost:

Road Trip - California

The average cost of food, accommodation fuel, and tolls can range between $200 and $500 per day depending on how you go through with it. Campgrounds can come as cheap as $20 while a luxury stay will be many times that (expect $600-$700). Meals can be just as diverse. Our best suggestion is to pack some snacks and sandwiches and eat-in diners.

2. Currency:

Needless to say, the USA uses US Dollars. Credit Cards are widely accepted and you can pay for almost everything with it. ATMs are also plenty across the way. It is still worth carrying some cash along with you. Also, make sure your card doesn’t charge transaction fees on every swipe beforehand. One of the important things to keep in check while on the road trip to California

3. Internet: 

Should it have been first on the list? The Internet is a must-have on such a trip. Navigation, Music, and Instagram. Three Pillars of the modern Road Trips. Rest assured, you will have easy access to the internet along the way. Most hotels, cafes, restaurants, and bars offer free WiFi. You can also pick a Pay as you go SIM at most stores and gas stations.

4. Traffic Rules:

Road Trip - California

Traffic in the US drives on the right. Like me, if you are from a Left Driving country, be prepared for that cultural shock. A valid driving license is a must. There are speed limits on all roads, so be aware of the limits in the part where you are driving to avoid hefty fines. If you are an outsider, most hire companies will require you to be at least 21. The blood alcohol level is taken very seriously (0.08%).

These were a few musts before you plan your trip. As for the route, options are plenty in Cali. Some areas are better suited in particular months, so do take that into consideration. Here are some popular to look up.

1. Napa Valley’s Silverado Trail:

Road Trip - California

 This small road constructed in 1852 links Napa to Calistoga. You can visit some of the best wineries in the states along this route. Reynolds Family Winery, Mumm Napa & Clos du Val is the most famous ones. It makes the road trip to California even more interesting. 

2. Redding to Lassen Volcanic National Park:

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 This road takes you through some of California’s best-kept secrets. You can stop at Shasta Lake (the largest reservoir in the state) for fishing and water sports. Drive on the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, passing through Mount Shasta. Relax at the mud pots and hot springs at Lassen Volcanic National Park. Best Time to visit is Spring & Summer.

3. Sea to Sand from San Diego:

Road Trip - California

 The best time to hit this road is in the Late Winters and Spring. Begin at the beaches of La Jolla or Del Mar and drive along the farm stands at Ramona. Then pass through the Cuyamaca Mountains towards Julian. This town is famous for its Apple Crops. Turn back and head into the vast lands of Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Every year in February-March this area witnesses an explosive wildflower bloom. Be sure to stay the night here. You’ll find plenty of hostels to accommodate. DO NOT MISS THE STARGAZING EXPERIENCE HERE!!

4. San Francisco to Fort Bragg: 

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Shortly after you step off the Golden Gate Bridge, you will be greeted by the Coastal Hills and Redwoods of Muir Woods National Monument. Sea cliffs and silent beaches of Point Reyes will follow up next. After spending quality time here, you can cruise your way through Napa Valley, Point Arena-Stornetta, Mendocino (built in a victorian era architecture).
From here, head towards Fort Bragg. If you are lucky, you might witness the season of Migrating Whales and Seals. Glass Beach is one of the most unique beaches you’ll find. The sand looks like it is covered in Jewels. This sums up my tips and suggestions to make the best of a Road Trip in California. Once you hit the Cali roads you’ll be amazed by what a diverse landscape this state has to offer! California Calling becomes more than a song lyric after that!