Badami is a small town located in the state of Karnataka’s Bagalkot district. In the 6th century, during the reign of Chalukyan,  Badami was the capital city of the state. The city was known as “Vatapi” back at that time. The town is famous for its amazing historical architecture, cave temples, fine carvings, forts, and scenic views. The natural red sandstones hills are another attraction of this place. Almost the historical masterpieces are situated near the banks of the Agastya river in Badami. This article contains the list of best places to visit in Badami.

If you are planning a trip to Badami, this article can help you as a tour guide as, all the required information about Badami is given and mentioned in this article.   

How to reach Badami?  

Best Places to Visit in Badami

Badami is an approachable town located in the state of Karnataka. You can go to Badami by taking road transports such as buses or driving a car. You can travel to Badami by the means of trains, as there is a proper railway station in the town of Badami. Belgaum is the nearest airport from Badami, just 150 kilometers away. You can take air routes via the nearest cities and towns from Belgaum. Trains and buses are the best and convenient mode of transport to Badami.  

Best time to visit Badami

Best Places to Visit in Badami

Badami is quite a historical place to visit and explore in nice and pleasant weather. Therefore, it is necessary to research the climatic conditions before going. Likewise, almost places Badami is best visited during the time of winter until the time of spring. Summer is not the recommended time to visit this town because of the rising temperature. The month of October is best recommended until the winter gets over. 

Famous food in Badami

Best Places to Visit in Badami

Food in Badami is very simple in structure yet very tasty.  Mostly, the food is cooked in coconut oil and is very simple and fine.  Apart from vegetarian meals, seafood is also delicious here. 

Best places to visit in Badami 

Badami cave temples

Best Places to Visit in Badami

Badami caves are the famous masterpiece of art. These caves are carved out of the sandstone cliffs, which are situated at the banks of the Agastya river. The first cave is dedicated to Lord Shiva. These caves were carved under the rule of Chalukyas in the 6th and 7th century which is a fine example of ancient architecture. Three caves out of the four caves are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu whereas, the last cave is of Jain Tirthankaras. 

Agastya Lake 

Best Places to Visit in Badami

The lake was built in the 5th century by the Chalukyas. It is located in the center of the city. The famous attractions of Badami are situated at the banks of this river. On the southwest part of the lake, cave temples are located. Whereas, the fort is located on the northwest direction of the fort and the famous Bhoothnatha temples are adjoining the lake on the east. The lake is considered to be a holy lake because of its power to heal. The lake is the beauty of this town as almost the cities attractions are located at the banks of the lake. 

Boothanatha Temple

Boothanatha Temple in Badami

Boothanatha  Temple is the most significant and ancient masterpiece of Badami. It is considered to be the most famous tourist attraction among all the places in Badami. The temple is situated at the banks of the Agastya river, which is surrounded by the water from the three sides. Lord Shiva is worshiped at this temple and the temple consists of the amazing sculptures of Lord Shiva. The temple becomes inaccessible at the time of heavy rains but the view is enjoyed the most. 

Badami Fort 

Badami Fort  is the best place to visit in Badami

The fort of this town was built in 543 AD by the Chalukya king Pulakesgi. The fort is located at the northern side of the Agastya lake and built at the top of a hill cliff. Now the fort is in ruins as it was destroyed by the Pallavas. It is not fully perished as there are the gates and the walls of the fort still left. One should definitely visit the fort and see the fine architecture of the fort.

Mallikarjuna temples

Mallikarjuna temple the best place to visit in Badami

They are the group of temples built for the worship of Lord Shiva.  They are the sets of many temples located near the Boothanatha temples. The architecture style of these temples is pyramidal in shape built in the 11th century. 

Banashankari Temple

Banashankari Temple is the best place to visit in Badami

The temple is found 5 kilometers away from Badami which was built in the 8th century.  The temple is dedicated to Banashankari Devi which is said to the incarnation of Goddess Parvati. There is a long tall tower of 3 stories built opposite to the temple.  The statue of the Goddess is carved out of black stone, Goddess Parvati is sitting on a lion with the head of a demon beneath her foot.

Mahakuta Temples

Mahakuta Temples is the best place to visit in Badami

These are the group of temples which are located 13 kilometers away from Badami. The temples are known for its religious importance and beautiful architecture. There are various shrines with different styles of architecture. The walls and the pillars of the temple are carved finely. The ceilings have the carvings as well. The set of Mahakuta Temples are wealthy as the king used to donate his wealth at the time of winning wars against the enemies. 

Archaeological Museum 

Best Places to Visit in Badami

The museum is situated at the banks of Agastya lake on the northern side. The museum is the must-visit place for history lovers as it consists of ancient masterpieces such as old inscriptions, sculptures,  and old architectural parts. There are various panels in this museum, one of the panels consists of the scenes of Mahabharata and Ramayana. 

Badami is a historical place, which is ideal to explore the ancient masterpieces and history. The history lovers will love going to this place. 


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