There are various National Parks in the US which you can visit in February. The National Parks have a lot to offer, and you can explore so much around the areas if you go in February. Here is a guide to the best National Parks to visit in February

  • Denali National Park and Preserve: 

Denali National Park and Preserve are located in Alaska, and the average temperature you can find in this Park is 18F when high and -9F when low. You can go to this National Park for the Winterfest celebration, snowshoeing, skiing, winter biking, and much more. You should visit the National Park if you are prepared for the cold temperatures that are going to be there in the area. You can also go for the Bike Trail adventure during February, and there is a lot that this National Park has to offer. It is known as one of the National Parks to visit in February

  • Arches National Park: 

The National Park is located in Utah, and the high temperatures are around 49F and lows are around 25F. The view from this National Park is breathtaking, and you can go here for photography, camping, stargazing, and hiking. It is crowded in the summer, and if you want less of a crowd, you can go during February. It is worth the visit, even with the unpredictable temperatures in the area. The view with white snow over the red rocks and the blue skies gives a different perspective. 

  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: 

It is located in Big Island, Hawaii, where the low temperature is around 49F, and the high is 68F. You can visit this Park for hiking, camping, driving tours, volcanic landscapes, and much more. There are two active volcanoes in this PArk which are known as Kilauea and Mauna Loa. It is also one of the best ranges for cultural, geological, and biological landscapes. You can also at times see molten lava in the Park, which is not a usual sight. 

  • Mount Rainier National Park and Reserve: 

National Parks to visit in February

The Mount Rainier National Park and Reserve are located in Washington. During February, the high temperatures in this area reach around 24F, and lows are everywhere at 12F. You can go to this area for camping, sledding, snowshoeing and skiing. It is 14,410 feet high, with a beautiful view all around the Park. The PArk is known as the range for an active volcano and is also the most glaciated peak in the contiguous US. You can see the five major rivers coming from the mountain in this Park, surrounded by forests and meadows. It also gets all snowy during winters at this Park. It is one of the best National Parks to visit in February. 

  • Acadia National Parks to visit in February: 

Acadia National Park is located in Maine and has temperatures that go 32F high and 14F low. You can do snowshoeing, cross country skiing and also go out for scenic drives. The Park is stretched to the rocky coastlines, and it is one of the best National Parks to visit in February in the US. You can also go out for drives around this Park and get the most fantastic view around the place. The Park is surrounded by water bodies and has a breathtaking view. There are hiking trails in the Park that get a little dangerous during winters because of snow. 

  • White Sands National Park: 

National Parks to visit in February

The Park is located in New Mexico and has white sand, which makes it beautiful. The temperature in February goes around 63F high and 26F low. You can do various things in the National Park like sand dune sledding, picnics, hiking, photography, and much more. The best time to visit this National Park is during February because the temperature is present and there is less crowd than in the summertime. 

  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park: 

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located in North Carolina, Tennessee. The average temperature in February is around 40F high and 23F low. You can go to this National Park for wildlife view, camping and hiking. The Park is surrounded by forest and trees, which get smoky during winters. There are various kinds of hiking trails that you can choose in the area, which will go from difficult to easy. During winters, the trees usually drop their leaves, making it easier to see the forest and wildlife. It is one of the best National Parks to visit in February.