When you are visiting the Faroe Islands, make sure to add Suduroy to your plan because that is the best time to go there as it requires a lot of effort to reach the Islands. The best time to visit the islands is in Summer as you get to enjoy the activities which are not there in winter because of the fog and weather. Here are some fantastic things to do in Suduroy, Faroe Islands:

  • Visit Hvalba: 

Hvalba is a village on the Suduroy, Faroe Islands, which is full of wildlife and amazing views around the place. You can spot lots of cats, dogs, cows, seagulls, and many more animals. The locals of this village are super friendly and always welcoming towards the visitors. There is a great history to the town which you would love to hear from the locals if you get to talk to them. It has around 700 residents, and there are few shops also in the village for the convenience of the residents. The first tunnel, which was built in the Faroe Islands, has a link to the village and everything else in the south of Suduroy. Hvalba is definitely a place you should visit, and there are many fun things to do in Suduroy, Faroe Islands. You will also get to see the black sand beach around the area, which is a breathtaking view. There is nothing better than sitting on the beach and relaxing the view of waves hitting the shore. The history of this village is also worth knowing about so make sure to visit. It is one of the best things to do in Suduroy, Faroe Islands. 

  • Hiking in Hvalbiareidi: 

Things to Do in Suduroy Faroe Islands

Before you leave Hvalba, make sure to stop at Hvalbiareidi, as it is a great hiking spot on the island. You can drive towards the spit, and the best part about the place is the atmosphere around, which is extremely raw and fresh. You will also spot a small lake where the locals are usually fishing. 

  • Add exploring another Village of Sandvik to the list of things to do in Suduroy, Faroe Islands: 

Another place which is worth visiting is the Sandvik village as you can get the view of Litla Dimun from here and it seems like a very peaceful place on the island. You can reach this village through the tunnels that are connected to the Islands. There are various hiking trails around this area and a lot of fun things which you can explore around. Take some time out to visit this place, and nature might surprise you. 

  • View of the Litla Dimun from Suduroy: 

Things to Do in Suduroy Faroe Islands

One of the things to do in Suduroy, Faroe Islands, is going for the view of Litla Dimun as it is just incredible. Litla Dimun is known as an uninhabited island in the Faroes and is known for being the smallest of the eighteen islands that are there. You can also spot the Litla Dimun from this place and various other villages around. 

  • Take a drive down to Sumba: 

The village of Sumba is located on the south of the Faroe Islands, and the weather there is a little unpredictable. You can photograph a lot around this place because it has a picturesque view. Take a drive down to Sumba to explore a lot of other things on the island. You will be surprised to see how peaceful and green the surroundings are in the place. 

  • Go to the Akraberg lighthouse: 

Things to Do in Suduroy Faroe Islands

You will find the Akraberg lighthouse, five kilometers south of Sumba. Even if it is in the southernmost region of the Faroe Islands, there is a lot to explore around the place. You can see the amazing cliffs, dramatic sky, ocean, and lighthouse. A few kilometers ahead, there is also a group of six rocks that is worth the visit, and it is known as Flesjarnar. 

  • Go to the edge of Eggjarnar Cliffs near the Vagur: 

Have you ever got the thrill of standing on the edge of a cliff and breathing in the fresh air? It is the most thrilling experience that you can get. Go to the Eggjarnar Cliffs, which is near Vague, and stand on the edge of the cliff, or you can go there to see the spectacular view of the place. The water will be hitting on the rocks, and there is no shore as these cliffs are located just in between.