Do you feel your adrenaline pumping when you perform certain sports activities that have written caution all over them? Are you an adventure junkie, but haven’t done anything significant to prove it?

Well, put aside all your other holiday plans, pack your bags and let’s head down to some of the craziest adventure lands.

Extreme sports that merely started with some adventure buffs performed by professionals have now become accessible to ordinary people like us.

Adventure sports entirely depend on nature, and the length of intensity varies consequently. All you need is some guidelines and safety precautions, and you are all set to go.

Let’s move away from the amusement park sort of fun and find some crazy adventure in the real world.

Out of many adventure sports around the world, we have listed the top 10 adventure sports that you must try as an adventure enthusiast.

1. Dirt Biking

Adventurous activities you must try before you die
Source: Bike Bandit

With rugged construction and small light-weighted, sturdy, nimble, and fast body, dirt biking is one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy the open air and explore the landscapes.

These bikes are specially built with the suspension fork and rear shocks to suck up the shocks from the obstructions and large jumps with high ground clearance.

Run along with the rocky land and hilly regions as you fly across the impediments. However, don’t try if you have not been training yourself for an adequate time.

You need strong upper body strength, to get a perfect control. Lincoln Trail Motorsports in Casey, IL, and Reynard Raceway, Wellston, OK are some of the best places for dirt biking in the world.

2. Kitewing

Adventurous activities you must try before you die
Source: Eric Morse

A kitewing is a wing-shaped sail that is designed to use the wind power to provide speed and lift to the riders. Kitewing is done on the number of the surface when it is put together with the appropriate vehicle like snowboards, skis, roller skates mountain boards, etc.

For beginners, only a small space and low wind speeds are adequate. Go on and get all geared up to find your adrenaline rush in the sky.

3. Glacier Climbing

Source: Lifehack

Did you feel exhilarated after watching the Vertical limit? If yes, then you would love glacier climbing.

The shiny surface of glacial heights and the risk of being covered under an ice-flood would surely seem attractive to those adventure freaks who could find satisfaction in this sport.

While high on risk, this sport is extremely enjoyable, only the people who know how to savor it would understand. The best for this sport is Jostedal Ice Cap in Norway and Parque Nacional Los Glaciares in Argentina.

Just make sure you have safety gear, crampon, ice axes, and of course, a trained assistant with you.

4. Dune-Bashing

Adventurous activities you must try before you die
Source: Medium

Sounds crazy? Well, it is, and it is extremely fun as well. This is a sport for those who are unconditionally in love with adventure. We all know Dubai for its glitz and glamour, but little unknown fact Dubai is the best hub for this sport as well.

Dash against the robust dunes on a sandy landscape in your SUV and feel what it feels like to fight against something as whizzy as sand. The pitted sandiness all around you makes you feel like you are on a rollercoaster ride just crazier.

5. High wire

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

You must have seen tightrope walker down the alley. Don’t you want to get the thrill of doing it yourself? Well, there is a slight twist, instead of rope you will have a cable wire and you will be at a pretty crazy height.

In short, the high wire is a nerve-wracking sport fit for those who say that extreme height is the name of adventure. Our top pick would be the Nevis Rage Centre in the UK.

6. Hang gliding

Adventurous activities you must try before you die
Source: Obxcommongood

This sport is considered one of the most adventurous activities across the globe. Though it is not that popular, it provides an unusual opportunity to fly in the air while being hung to a Delta Plane.

It would feel as if you have gotten wings. The best place for hang-gliding in Arizona and California.

7. Wreck diving

Source: ministertours

If you have seen the movie Ghost Ship, you would know how thrilling it is to dive in the middle of an ocean in the midst of shipwrecks. While this sport is not scary or anything, it sure would make you awestruck.

It depends completely on you if you want just to swim alongside the wreck or go deeper into the darkest area. But be prepared to bump into more than what you bargained for.

The best place to try out this sport would be the Federated States of Micronesia, and Grand Anse in Grenada.

8. Mountain Boarding

Adventurous activities you must try before you die
Source: Woodlands Park Primary School

If you want variety and surprises on your trip, then this is the sport for you.

For mountain boarding balance is crucial, and you will need practice before you actually trace across mountain trails, grass hills, ski resorts, etc. while it is not as popular as snowboarding, it sure has quirks that can only be experienced.

The Mount Cook in New Zealand and Whistler Mountain Bike Park in Canada is the best pick.

9. Caving

PIC BY FRANCOIS-XAVIER DE RUYDTS / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Caving expedition in Fengshan, China, Guangxi province) - Adventurers have gone deep underground to discover previously unexplored caves in these incredible pictures. The awe-inspiring snaps show the cavers dwarfed by the huge series natural rock chambers in the Leye - Fengshan Geopark, China. Belgian photographer Francois-Xavier De Ruydts, 33, captured the team of explorers as they trekked through the deep wonderground in January 2014. SEE CATERS COPY.
Source: Terraoko

A recreational sport only for those who truly love adventure. Go deep into nature and explore the wild caves while getting your adrenaline pumped.

You could encounter crystal in the budding stage, the force of stalactite, and much more. One of the best places for caving is Mammoth Cave in Kentucky that is spread over 390 miles and is an absolute treat.

10. Zorbing

Adventurous activities you must try before you die
Source: Bukovel-elena

This is a sport that has been hidden in darkness for a long time now. Even though you are cushioned and lined safely, the sight you witness around you bumpy as if you are on a roll down.

Rotorua is the original place of this sport, and our best pick would be the same. This sport has its shares of accidents, so to avoid any miss-happening make sure you zorb at a registered place.

This is the end of our list. What are you waiting for? Go on, the world full of crazy adventure is ahead of you.