We all know that raccoons are small animals with furry bodies, and they have a mask around
their eyes, which are black in color. Raccoons are easy to spot around as they adapt to the rural
and urban cultures both and live in any climatic condition. These animals look cute, just like

Here are some facts about raccoons listed below:

1 Varieties of Raccoons

facts about raccoons

There is not just one kind of raccoons, but there are six varieties of raccoons present in the
North and South American regions. Procyon Lotor is one of the types which can be commonly
found around in the United States.

2 One Raccoon has lived in White House


During Calvin Coolidge’s presidency, one raccoon lived with him. It was very convenient for the
Americans to serve raccoons during the thanksgiving dinner, but Calvin found one raccoon
interested and decided to adopt the animal as a pet.

3 The population of raccoons is increasing

raccoons population

Raccoons are one of those animals whose population is increasing very fastly, and it is
happening even after the massive destruction of their habitat. Raccoons can adapt to different
environments quickly.

4 Communication:


Raccoons are smart animals, and they can make around fifty different sounds for
communicating. You can hear the unusual noises that they make while they are competing for
the food they want to have.

5 Mating time of raccoons:

facts about raccoons

Late January and mid-March are two times for the raccoons to mate. During the mating time,
the male raccoons go around in the search for female raccoons so that they can mate. They
make sure to find the females in the right conception period in their mating season.

6 Intelligence:

raccoon important information

Raccoons are known as smart and intelligent animals. They remember their tasks and
everything very quickly. Raccoons are very quick in doing anything that they want to do and are
wise enough to understand their environment.

7 Food:

Raccoon Diet

Raccoons don’t have any specific demands when it comes to eating food as they can have
anything that they find. They catch their food out of the water and eat them. It is very easy for
them to eat whatever they find on the ground or around. They don’t mind eating the fruits that
they find.

8 Raccoons see with their hands:


Raccoons are different from other animals as other animals use their sight, sound, and smell,
but raccoons use their hands and sense of touch to find their food and other things. Their front
paws have more sensory effects as compared to their back paws.

9 Life expectancy:

facts about raccoons

The life expectancy of a raccoon is around two to three years, and it also depends if the raccoon
is captive or in the wild. Most raccoons die in car accidents because they very easily live in the