There are many places in this world which the majority of the population isn’t even aware of, in
the same way, Honduras is the country which is not so known. The country is underrated but
has many places to explore. Everything is beautiful around the country, which is also a great
destination to relax. There are many fun facts about the country which are not even known by
the people of the United States till now. Honduras is a very tiny place with a lot of sightseeing
places and adventures to do. The best part about Honduras is the beaches and other natural
beauties around the place.

Listed below are some fun facts about Honduras, which are not known by the people:

1 The story behind the Honduran money:

honduras currency

The money is named after the Indian chief who passed away while putting an attempt to save his lands from Spaniards. The money looks like every other bill, but if you notice it carefully, then you will find that the person is a native American Indian on it.

2 Things that the localities enjoy the most:

Fun facts about Honduras

The people who belong to Honduras are exciting. They find joy in everything, and they love soccer. Everyone in Honduras is known to love soccer. The localities also enjoy punta music, and it’s the most beloved music there.

3 The airport in Honduras:

The airport in Honduras

The Toncontin International airport is considered as the second most dangerous airport as it is located in the mountain area. You can fly in through the airport in San Pedro Sula, so there is nothing to be worried about while traveling to Honduras.

4 The reservation in Honduras:


Honduras has a very known Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, which has a wide variety of plants and animals. The Unesco World Heritage Site appointed it for the variety of unusual plants and animals they have there.

5 The first Cinema in Central America:

Central America

Honduras got the first-ever Cinema in entire Central America. There was no other city which got the Cinema before Honduras, which is an exciting fact.

6 The blue eyes Hondurans:

Fun facts about Honduras

Honduras has the blue eyes and blonde-haired Hondurans who live on the bay islands and have come here around 500 years back. They are the descendants of the British pirates and have been staying on the island for a long time.

7 The new site for the coral reefs:

coral reefs

Honduras is the second-largest coral reef that is right next to the Caribbean Coast. The largest one is located in Australia, and this comes after that. It is the most interesting fact about Honduras as it is the home to many plants, animals and coral reefs.

8 Cocoa cultivation:


Honduras has the place of Puerto Escondido, which is known as the oldest place where the cocoa cultivation used to happen.

The country has a lot to explore and discover. It is a beautiful place and also an affordable travel