Everything in this world holds beauty. You love to click and save the memories of all the beautiful things you witness. On the other hand, nothing can beat the beauty of the gardens. It is for the good of your body to travel in a happy and healthy place. That place is none other than the gardens in the world. Running in a garden is a natural treadmill provided to you.

Gardens are always a place to save yourself from all kinds of pollution. You can enjoy the air end environment of the garden and feel good. Along with this, there are wonderful gardens in the world that one must visit. It is for the people who love nature and adore every single object of nature. Let us discuss the most beautiful gardens around the corner.

  1.     Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona, US

     Beautiful Gardens

The beautiful garden is a huge collection of arid-land plants. It is a home for thousands of different plant species. You can find around 170 desert plant species that are very rare in this world. There are ample of volunteers in the garden who are appointed to brief you about the plants you want to know about. You will move with the beautiful butterflies roaming around you in the garden.

  1.     Claude Monet’s Garden Giverny, Northern France

     Beautiful Gardens

The garden resides on the northern side of France. It has been divided into two diverse parts for you to enjoy both water and flower garden. The garden has its own significance in building it. The water park was a river before it was converted. The flowers in Claude Monet’s includes different species from the world. The garden is also surrounded by beautiful fruit trees.

  1.       Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London

     Beautiful Gardens

The royal garden covers 326 acres of area. There are over 5000 species of plants in this botanic garden. There are also beautiful art galleries and greenhouses alongside the beautiful garden. You can also climb the treetop in the garden to view the surrounding places. There are various other settings in the border to make you feel fresh and happy. You should not forget to visit the palm house made up of glass.

  1.     Gardens of Versailles, France

     Beautiful Gardens

A magnificent 800 hectares garden surrounded by beautiful fountains and statues. This has over lakhs of trees and flowering plants. It took over 40 years to build this garden completely. The large garden is built in the formal French-style and you can’t go unimpressed from this place.

  1.     Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands


The world’s largest flower garden has around 7 million flowering plants. You can visit this beautiful flower garden only from late March to late May. You will find tulip flowers blooming all around. It also has the highest number of lily plants in the world. You can always revisit this place as it has a different theme every year. The garden will make your 15 km walk the most beautiful one.

  1.     Villa D’este Gardens, Tivoli, Italy


The place is famous for its terraced gardens and magnificent fountains. You can click your favorite Instagram worthy pictures here. It is landscaped beautifully to impress the visitors. This Italian villa garden is breathtaking. It has massive stone stairs and moving water features in the garden. You will witness fish pools, statuary, and many more attractive things to see.

  1.     Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, USA


A splendid botanic garden with 14,000 plant species is famous for its exceptional Japanese garden built in the American public garden. Everyone wishes to see the cherry blossoms and this garden has over 200 cherry trees. The garden is full of tourists during the spring season.


Gardens are the best place in the world to visit. Visiting the world’s largest gardens will give you a lot of knowledge of different types of plant and flower species. Along with that, you will breathe the fresh air and feel good. People who love to witness beautiful gardens are said to be more patient and better lovers.

It is because the love for plants and species extends the love to all kinds of living beings. The way a person cares for plants and animals will take care of their other halves with the same love. it is kindness above everything in this world. We hope you make a plan to visit these beautiful gardens around the world.