Mexico is a beautiful country in North America, and it has a lot to offer. There are beautiful beaches, resorts, restaurants, and many more beautiful things. Mexico is also known as the best party place because amazing parties happen in the cities located in Mexico. You can enjoy, relax and take a sunbath while watching the crystal clear water on the best beaches in Mexico. Mexico has a lot of things to offer and do around, but the best part about Mexico is the beaches. 

Here is a list of the best beaches in Mexico

1. Cancun: 

Best beaches in Mexico

Cancun is known as the beach town in Mexico, and it has a lot of amazing beaches. It has a lot of stunning resorts which will give you the best view of the beach and the resort. There are plenty of beaches in Cancun with white sand and clear blue water. Cancun has the best beaches in Mexico, and you can always enjoy the colorful surroundings around you while mesmerizing the view. 

2. Playa del Carmen: 

Best beaches in Mexico

Playa del Carmen is known as one of the best beaches in Mexico, and it got its name before Cancun was called Cancun and Tulum was Tulum. It is a bleach-white sand beach with turquoise blue water and exotic palm trees all around the beach. It has a boho vibe all around the beach with hammocks and luxury cottages. The beach offers a lot of comfort and luxury advantages which can help you in relaxing throughout the trip. 

3. Puerto Escondido: 

Best beaches in Mexico

During the late afternoons, you can find people surfing and enjoying the water on this beach. A lot of Australian surfers, party people and backpackers start coming in during the late evening to enjoy the party mode on the beaches. The beaches follow an amazing surfer trend, and it is fun to play volleyball, surf and enjoy other beach sports on the beaches here. 

4. Tulum: 

Best beaches in Mexico

Tulum is known for having the best beaches in Mexico as it has all the picturesque beaches. The beaches are stunning and social media displayable. It’s a very boho vibe kind of beach with all the young crowd like the bachelors, rich people, hippies and backpackers coming in. You can enjoy your drinks while relaxing and taking a sunbath on the beaches here. 

5. Mazatlan: 

Best beaches in Mexico

According to the local people, Mazatlan has the best beaches, which are underrated but beautiful. It has a beautiful coastline with huge rock mountains all around the beach. You can enjoy the best kind of sunsets on this beach with an astonishing picturesque view all around. 

6. Progreso: 

Best beaches in Mexico

It is one of the best beaches in Mexico right now and worth the visit. If you are traveling to Mexico, then don’t miss out on visiting this beach. It is located in Yucatan, and a lot of significant events are hosted on these beaches and in the city as well. If you are a party person, then you shouldn’t miss visiting this beautiful beach in Mexico.