Guatemala is a country in Central America, and it is a beautiful place. The country is home to many
volcanoes, stunning sights, and rainforests, which also makes it a place for spotting several species. It is
an adventurous place, and you can go for wildlife spotting in Guatemala if you are an animal lover.

Listed below is the list of animals that you can spot easily in Guatemala:

1 Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

Wildlife Spotting Guatemala
Sea turtles all around the world are on their way towards extinction, even the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles.
Sea turtles love to live in the open oceans, and they’ll always be spotted around the sea but never around
the reefs.

2 Quetzal

Wildlife Spotting Guatemala
One of the best wildlife spotting in Guatemala is the Quetzals, as they are known as the most exotic birds
seen there. Quetzals are also on the verge of extinction because of all the illegal hunting and shooting of
these birds. Their habitat is being destroyed by the hunters, which is causing problems for them.

3 Armadillo

Armadillos are most commonly found in La Sierra de Las Minas, and they prefer living in moist places like
near the creeks and streams.

4 Capuchin Monkey


Capuchin Monkey is one of the easiest wildlife spottings in Guatemala. You can always find them jumping
around trees in the wildlife areas.

5 Spectacled Caimans


Spectacled Caimans are one of the wildest types of crocodiles. You can always find this type of
crocodile near the river area and wetlands.

6 Black neck Stitlt


The Black Neck Stilt birds are the shorebirds that you can find near the coastlines and wetlands. They are
really pretty black and white birds who fly around the salt ponds and wetlands.

7 White Lipped Peccary

White Lipped Peccary


White-lipped peccaries are known as the most dangerous version of peccaries. They even have the
power to kill animals like Jaguars to save themselves.

8 Ocelot


Ocelots have a very tiny body, but they are very fierce. They love to hunt animals like rabbits, lizards,
armadillos, and fishes. You can find these animals in the forest areas and mangroves.

9 Spider Monkey


Spider monkeys can be easily found in tropical regions, but with the destruction of their habitat, their
population is coming on the verge of extinction. They are inquisitive animals and love jumping around.

10 Montezuma Oropendola


Montezuma Oropendola is one of those birds, which is an easy wildlife spotting in Guatemala. They are
beautiful and unusual birds that you cannot miss out on watching if you are in Guatemala.

11 Vampire bats

vampire bats

There is a difference between the regular bats and the vampire bats. You can find the vampire bats
bleeding from animals like small chickens in the tropical regions of Guatemala.

12 Toucan


Toucans are really colorful, and beautiful birds spotted in the Guatemala wildlife. These birds are so loved
in the region that people used to have them as their pets.

13 Rat

Wildlife Spotting Guatemala

Rats are the most common animals which can be spotted in any place very easily. The rats are very
easily found in highly populated areas.

14 Brown Basilisk

Wildlife Spotting Guatemala

Brown Basilisk is also known as the Jesus lizard and is the fastest kind of lizard. They can very smoothly
run on the water also because of their fast speed.

15 Black Hawk

Wildlife Spotting Guatemala

Black Hawks are known as predatory birds, and they are usually found on the lowland habitats with water