El Quetzals are very colorful and vibrant birds that are considered as one of the most beautiful birds in this world. They are found in tropical areas and mountains of Central America. These birds are bluish-green in color with a small yellow beak and some red feathers. El Quetzal hunts for small insects and lizards. In ancient times these birds were known as a very sacred symbol in the society, and the humans protected them as the birds used to represent power and wealth. Here are some Facts About El Quetzal.

The El Quetzals also have six different species and types which are as follows:

1 The Golden-headed Quetzal

2 The Crested Quetzal

3 The White-tipped Quetzal

4 The Pavonine Quetzal

5 The Eared Quetzal

6 The Resplendent Quetzal

The Quetzals are such pretty birds that the birdwatchers travel from around the world to their habitat to see them. It has really long tail feathers and the most vibrant colored bodies. The Quetzal bird is worth watching.

Here are some facts about El Quetzal

1 Quetzals are the national symbol in the country of Guatemala:

el quetzal

The country, Guatemala, considers quetzals as the most beautiful bird, and they also consider it as the national symbol of their country. It is deemed to be similar to the symbol of liberty as the birds kill themselves if they are caught or caged.

2 The money in Guatemala:

el quetzal

The currency is named as quetzals in the country of Guatemala as they consider this bird as the symbol of power and wealth. Quetzals have a very high and prestigious label in the country of Guatemala.

3 The eyes of the bird:

el quetzal

The quetzals have enormous eyes, which helps them in having a strong sight in the dark forest.

4 The mating season:

Facts About El Quetzal

The male quetzals form a twin feather during the mating season, which easily grows around one meter long.

5 The age of flying:

Facts About El Quetzal

The young and baby quetzal birds can start flying easily after they are three weeks old.

6 The Costa Rica cloud forest:

Facts About El Quetzal

In the region of Costa Rica’s Cloud forest, they protect the habitat of these birds so that the birdwatchers can come and watch these birds in their area.

7 Ancient and sacred bird:

Facts About El Quetzal

The quetzals are known as the most sacred birds as the ancient Aztec and Maya people used to consider them prestigious and used to wear their feathers during the ceremonies.

8 The difference in female quetzals:

Facts About El Quetzal

The female quetzals do not have similar long feather tails like the males, but they do share the color with them.

9 The use of their beaks:

Facts About El Quetzal

The female and male pairs use their beak, which is very powerful to make holes in the rotted trees and stumps.

10 The population:

Facts About El Quetzal

It is estimated that only 50,000 quetzals are remaining in this world as these beautiful birds are hunted down for their fabulous feathers, which are long, colorful, and vibrant.